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Which Certificate does JS FITTINGS have?

Which Certificates does JS FITTINGS have? Owner HEBEI JINSHENG PIPE FITTING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD Brand JS FITTINGS Certificate GB/T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 Valid scope seamless steel pipe fittings, welded steel pipe fittings, forged pipe flanges, forged steel pipe fittings Owner HEBEI JINSHENG PIPE FITTING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD Brand JS FITTINGS Certificate GOST-R Valid scope GOST 17375 pipe elbows LR, GOST 17376 pipe tees, GOST 17378 pipe reducers, GOST 17379 pipe caps. GOST 3262-75 pipe elbows SR, GOST 33259 pipe flanges, GOST 6533 pipe caps, etc Owner HEBEI JINSHENG PIPE FITTING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD Brand JS FITTINGS Certificate CE certificate, Certificate of compliance Valid Scope EN, BS, ASME, ANSI, DIN seamless pipe fittings, welded pipe fittings, forged flanges

Different Methods of Galvanizing

1111MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 磅Normal0 There are several different processes for galvanizing metal:Hot-Dip GalvanizingAs the name implies, this method involves dipping the base metal into a molten pool of zinc. First, the base metal must be cleaned either mechanically, chemically, or both to assure a quality bond can be made between the base metal and the zinc coating. Once cleaned, the base metal is then fluxed to rid it of any residual oxides that might remain after the cleaning process. The base metal is then dipped into a liquid bath of heated zinc and a metallurgical bond is formed.The advantages of this method are that it is economical; it can be performed quickly and to complex shapes. However, the final coating can be inconsistent relative to other galvanizing processes.Pre-galvanizingThis method is very similar to hot-dip galvanizing but is performed at the steel mill, usually on materials that already have a specific shape. Pre-galvanizing involves rolling metal sheet through a similar cleaning process to that of the hot-dip galvanizing process. The metal is then passed through a pool of hot, liquid zinc and then recoiled.An advantage of this method is that large coils of steel sheet can be rapidly galvanized with a more uniform coating compared to hot-dip galvanizing. A disadvantage is that once fabrication of the pre-galvanized metal begins, exposed, uncoated areas will become present. This means that when a long coil of sheet is cut into smaller sizes, the edges where the metal is cut are left exposed.Electro-galvanizingUnlike the previous processes, electrogalvanizing does not use a molten bath of zinc. Instead, this process utilizes an electrical current in an electrolyte solution to transfer zinc ions onto the base metal. This involves electrically reducing positively charged zinc ions to zinc metal which are then deposited on the positively charged material. Grain refiners can also be added which helps to ensure a smooth zinc coating on the steel. Similar to the pre-galvanizing process, electrogalvanizing is typically applied continuously to a roll of sheet metal.Some advantages of this process are a uniform coating and precise coating thickness. However, the coating is typically thinner than the coating of zinc achieved by the hot-dip galvanizing method which can result in reduced corrosion protection.

Flange connection types

JS FITTINGS FAQ, Flange connection types Flange connection can be divided into five general: that is, flat welding, butt welding, socket welding, loose sleeve, thread.Here is a detailed description of the first four: Flat welding Only use the outer layer, not the inner layer;It is generally used in medium and low pressure pipelines, and the nominal pressure of the pipeline should be less than 2.5MPa.The sealing surface of the flat welding flange has three kinds, which are smooth type, concave and convex type and tenon groove type, among which smooth type is the most widely used, and affordable, cost-effective. Butt welding The inner and outer layers of the flange shall be welded, generally used for medium and high pressure pipelines, the nominal pressure of the pipeline is between 0.25~2.5MPa.The sealing surface of butt welding flange connection is concave and convex, the installation is more complicated, so the labor cost, installation method and auxiliary material cost are higher. Socket welding generally used in pipelines with nominal pressure less than or equal to 10.0mpa and nominal diameter less than or equal to 40mm. Loose cover Generally used for the pressure is not high but the medium is more corrosive pipeline, so this kind of flange corrosion resistance, the material is mainly stainless steel.This connection is mainly used for the connection of cast iron pipe, rubber lining pipe, non-iron metal pipe and flange valve, etc.

why the steel pipe fittings and flanges is necessary in the construction?

Why the pipe fittings and flanges is necessary in the construction? Pipe Fittings and Flanges Pipe fittings and flanges are widely used in our daily lives. The most common application is the water treatment system associated with our daily lives. The purpose of water treatment is to improve water quality to a certain water quality standard. Drinking water treatment is very important to our survival. Pipe fittings and flanges are eventually used to deliver clean water to thousands of home. Every drop of water we drink is treated.  Water Treatment Systerm In a building, there are so many pipelines and the direction of the pipeline is variable. The pipe fittings such as Elbows, Tees, Reducer and Caps can help the pipelines to bypass the obstruction and walls, then the clean water can enter every home smoothly and waste water be drained conveniently. 

How to get the samples of pipe fittings?

How to get free samples of pipe fittings and flanges from JS FITTINGS? Why need samples of pipe fittings? Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE With the development of technology, fast and efficient become more and more main concern factor for people. People were often go to supermarket buy what they need, but now, they’d like buy on the internet platform like Alibaba, Taobao, Amazon, etc. If buy in large quantity most customers will ask for a sample for checking and testing, when satisfied with the quality they can purchase in large quantity. The sample step is very important for the business cooperation. May be it is complicated for some suppliers ,but it is also a very good chance for cooperation . Why the package is damaged? Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE In this regards, JS FITTINGS pay much more attention to meet customers' demands, when new customers ask for pipe fittings samples before place the order, we will do our best to make it and packed it very well, and send out via the fastest courier like SF, DHL, TNT and UPS . Samples will be customized according to clients' demands, and packaged carefully by anti-rust paper, bubble film, corrugated carton and anti-rust film, also with desiccant inside. All steps are aim to protect the samples from damaging. Customers are always satisfied with the samples and package when receive the parcel. All fittings from JS FITTINGS are treated carefully not only the samples but general orders in big quantity. Thanks the support from all old and new customers, JS FITTING won't let you down.