The 128th Canton Fair During 15th-24th, October, 2020

The 128th Canton Fair During 15th-24th, October, 2020


With a rich experience of online exhibitions, JS FITTINGS will take part in the 128th Canton Fair as usual. During our live streaming, we will show you the factory view and production of the flange.

The 128th Canton Fair During 15th-24th, October, 2020
About the Canton Fair
The 128th Canton Fair is opening soon. With brand-new ways of trading negotiation, the fair will provide a highly efficient matchmaking platform for businesses home and abroad.
Canton Fair
JS FITTINGS is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of forged steel flanges in Yanshan, Cangzhou, Hebei, China.
Our main products are carbon steel pipe flanges, which including the weld neck flange, slip-on flange, socket welding flange, threaded flange,  blind, flange, plate, flange, lap joint flange, orifice flange, spectacle flange, stub ends and other types under the standard of ASME B16.5, ASMEB16.48, GOST33259, GOST 12820, GOST12821, EN 1092, etc. 
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All customers that who place new orders during the 15th-24th october, will receive our coupons of '30$ off 10000$'  

We supply free samples for customers to test the quality and performance, all inquiries will be replied within  2 hours. 

Contact us to get the free brochure and make a deal of online meeting.