ANSI B 16.9 Concentric and eccentric Reducers for chemical pipeline
ANSI B 16.9 Concentric and eccentric Reducers for chemical pipeline
ANSI B 16.9 Concentric and eccentric Reducers for chemical pipeline
ANSI B 16.9 Concentric and eccentric Reducers for chemical pipeline
ANSI B 16.9 Concentric and eccentric Reducers for chemical pipeline
ANSI B 16.9 Concentric and eccentric Reducers for chemical pipeline

Item specifics

DN 15-DN 2000
Smaller size than DN 600
carbon steel, alloy steel



ANSI B 16.9 Concentric and eccentric Reducers for chemical pipeline
technology drawing of JS Reducers
Nominal Pipe Size1/2 to 2.1/23 to 3.1/245 to 8
Outside Diameter
at Bevel (D)
+ 1.6
- 0.8
1.61.6+ 2.4
- 1.6
Inside Diameter at End0.
Overall Length (H)2222
Nominal Pipe Size10 to 1820 to 2426 to 3032 to 48
Outside Diameter
at Bevel (D)
+ 4
- 3.2
+ 6.4
- 4.8
+ 6.4
- 4.8
+ 6.4
- 4.8
Inside Diameter at End3.24.8+ 6.4
- 4.8
+ 6.4
- 4.8
Overall Length (H)2255
Wall Thickness (t)Not less than 87.5% of Nominal Wall Thickness

Dimensional tolerances are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated and are equal ± except as noted.

steel seamless black 90 degree LR radius
JS FITTINGS makes stock of common size of medium and low pressure, but not all have large quantity in the warehouse.
 Generally, new orders of 1 container can be loaded within 15-30 days, one more container per 10 days. 
Details of JS Reducers
bevel ends of reducer
surface of reducers
standard size of redeucers
Details of Package
package of JS FITTINGS
With more than 20 years experience of manufacturing and exporting of pipe fittings,  JS FITTINGS will supply a suitable solution of loading, if you have special demands on marks and demands, please talk with us before placing the orders. We will try our best to meet your demands.   
JS FITTINGS supplies high quality elbows, tees, reducers and other pipe fittings for the pipelines of construction of building, ship making,  boiler mills, nuclear power plant, machinery equipment, bridge,  thermal power plant, Oil and gas transportation project, Liquefied petroleum gas project, Water treatment project, and Fire piping system.
What is the use of reducer in piping?

The JS  carbon steel seamless eccentric reducer is a fitting used in piping systems between two pipes of different diameters. Reducers are used in where the diameter of the pipe on the upstream side of the fitting (i.e. where flow is coming from) is larger than the downstream side. Unlike a concentric reducer, which resembles a cone, eccentric reducers have an edge that is parallel to the connecting pipe. This parallel edge results in the two pipes having offset center lines. The same fitting can be used in reverse as an eccentric increaser/expander.

Horizontal liquid reducers are always eccentric, top flat (unless on control set, same as PV, TV, HV, LV) or (pipe rack), which prevents the build up of air bubbles in the system. Eccentric reducers are used at the suction side of pumps to ensure air does not accumulate in the pipe. The gradual accumulation of air in a concentric reducer could result in a large bubble that could eventually cause the pump to stall or cause cavitation when drawn into the pump.

Horizontal gas reducers are always eccentric, bottom flat, which allows condensed water or oil to drain at low points.

Reducers in vertical lines are generally concentric unless the layout dictates otherwise.

Service of JS FITTINGS
JS FITTINGS is Credible, Trustworthy and Sincerely to Customers
1. All orders will be treated carefully by sales department, production department, testing department, packaging department and transportation department. 
2. After signing the contracts, JS won't change the price during the valid time even the material cost increases a lot.
3. Reasonable demands will be acceptable without additional cost. 
Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are true factory and manufacture costing and forged flanges since 1983, and produce pipe fittings for more than 20 years. Our factory is located in Yanshan Cangzhou City. Welcome to visit us. We are pleased to show you our advanced production lines.
Can you supply a price list of all your items?
Because the price is affected by material cost, total quantity, transportation cost and exchange rate, a draft price list is not helpful for your purchase. Please kindly supply us your purchase details, such as item name, type, size, pressure, surface treatment, quantity and destination port. We will supply you the real competitive offer. 
Can your price be lower?
Of course. The thickness tolerance of the pipe fittings is ±12.5%, the thickness tolerance of the forged flanges is ±1mm. If the bigger tolerance is acceptable for you, the price can be lower. If you must need the products with standard tolerance, please consider to add the quantity, the more the cheaper. 
How can I confirm the quality for the first order?
1. we are professional manufacturer for so many years and have the ISO certificates.
2. We can show you pictures and videos of our bulk orders.
3. We are pleased to supply you free samples for testing, you need only to pay for the courier cost.
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