219mm Standard Carbon Steel Weld Eccentric Reducer
219mm Standard Carbon Steel Weld Eccentric Reducer
219mm Standard Carbon Steel Weld Eccentric Reducer
219mm Standard Carbon Steel Weld Eccentric Reducer
219mm Standard Carbon Steel Weld Eccentric Reducer

Item specifics

DN 32-DN 500
carbon steel, alloy steel



219mm Standard Carbon Steel Weld Eccentric Reducer
Manufacturing process of GOST 17378-2001
Manufacturing process
JS FITTINGS is the leading manufacturer of carbon steel pipe fittings, mild steel fittings, GOST STANDARD tube connections, pipe joints in Russia. JS FITTING has many distributors in Russia, you can purchase from our factory directly or from our partners in Russia. 
JS FITTINGS Pipe Reducers are the perfect solution for small and large turbo manifold applications and can withstand the punishment, vibration, and heat of a high horsepower street, drag, or track car. Our butt-weld pipe fittings, commonly referred to as Weld Fittings or Weld Els, are the fabricator's choice when fabricating turbo manifolds, dump tubes, and exhaust down-pipes.
concentric reducers in stock
concentric reducers in package
JS FITTINGS Long Radius and Short Radius 90° Elbows, 45° Elbows, Reducers and Tees are all manufactured to GOST standard and are subject to rigorous quality control testing and approval before shipment. Each weld fitting features a 37.5° bevel on each end to assist with butt-welding and to ensure proper fitment. 
What is Reducer pipe fittings?
pipe reducer connect two pipes
In Concentric reducer which is also known as a conical reducer, the center of both the ends is on the same axis. It maintains the centerline elevation of the pipeline. When the center lines of the larger pipe and smaller pipe are to be maintained same, then concentric reducers are used.
Logistics of JS FITTINGS products
Package of fittings
Package of steel pipe fittings
According to the market demands and our package factory, JS FITTINGS  will give the most suitable package solutions, use pallets, plywood cases, plastic woven bags, etc.
loading in the containers
Loading in the containers
Not everyone can drive the forklift easily, but workers in JS FITTINGS have superb driving skills that can guarantee a shorter loading time.
truck transportation
Truck transportation
JS FITTINGS is cooperation with a powerful and experienced forwarder company which can supply us good trucks with skilled drivers.
going to destination country by train
Going to destination country by Train
JS FITTINGS try to book the earliest train for all clients in need.
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