What is the most effective inspection method for seam pipe elbow?
What is the most effective inspection method for seam pipe elbow?
X radiation detection

There are six main types of defects in the welding process of carbon steel seam pipe elbows

1 poor fusion: not welded, not fused; 

2 crack: hot crack, cold crack; 

3 holes: pores, shrinkage holes; 

4 inclusions: Slag inclusion, tungsten trapping;

5 poor forming: undercut, burn through and welding, etc.; 

6 other defects.X Radiation detection mainly detects the first five categories.

Radiation detection is one of the important methods of conventional non-destructive testing. It is an important technology to ensure the quality of welding. The test results will be used as an important basis for the analysis and quality assessment of weld defects. The use of computer to analyze and identify the X-ray detection results can greatly improve the work efficiency, effectively overcome the misjudgment or missed judgment caused by the difference in technical quality and experience of the judges and the external conditions in the manual assessment, so that the judgment process is objective. Chemical, scientific and standardized.

Radiation detection is only suitable for detecting internal defects in materials or components.

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